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StandWith is a mobile platform that streamlines & simplifies communication & collaboration between Caregivers (patient’s parent, child, spouse, etc) & Supporters (community of friends & family that forms around the patient) in better assisting the patient during an emotionally charged time.

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App Features

Invite Supporters

As a Caregiver : invite family and friends to join your community and stay updated on the patient’s status.
As a Supporter : join a community to stay updated and see how you can help.

Categorize supporters

Categorize your community into groups (friends, family and acquaintances) so that you can target updates and tasks.

Post Tasks

A simple & intuitive system where Caregivers can post general or targeted tasks asking for the specific help the Patient needs.

Post Patient Updates

Caregivers can post text, picture, audio or video updates with the sensitivities of various levels of privacy.

Message Supporters

Say thanks, ask questions or just get love and support with in app messaging.


In app digital fulfillment of relevant tasks. For example, if the caregiver needs dinner the supporter will be able to digitally fulfill it through or a similar online vendor.

How does it Work

Simple works. So maybe we should stay that way.

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